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Years 5 and 6

Year 5 Spellings and Homework Due Days

Homework which consists of English (written task), Spellings (definitions) and Maths (Education City online) is given out on Fridays.

Homework is then due back on the following days...

Thursday: Spellings and English homework are due in
Friday: Maths homework and Reading Records due in

If you have any issues regarding your child's homework please speak to your child's class teacher.

Kind regards
Mr Bryant and Miss Pena

Welcome Back

Welcome back to everyone. We hope you have had a restful break. We are very much looking forward to getting to know you all and working with you this year.

Yr 5 PE

Every Wednesday afternoon dance and gymnastics lessons will take place with our specialist teacher Vanessa. Please ensure you have the correct PE kit for these lessons. This includes PE shirt, shorts, blue or black leggings and trainers.

For outdoor PE Dolphins will need their PE kit on Thursday and Penguins on Friday. They will need suitable PE kit for outdoors including warm clothing and trainers.

Jewelry (including earrings) is not permitted during PE lessons. Please ensure children have somewhere to store them during a lesson.

Year 5 Spellings and Homework

We will be providing all year 5 students with homework on Friday. They will be given spellings, a spelling challenge, an English task and maths on Education City.

The spelling homework will consist of learning the given spellings for a test the following Friday. They will also need to write out the definitions for each spelling word in their Spelling Homework book. (Please note that if the spellings do not lend themselves to definitions children will then need to write a sentence instead). The definitions/sentences will be due in Thursday morning.

English homework will be given out on a Friday and is due back in on Thursday. Children will be given writing and grammar tasks to complete each week.

The Maths Homework will need to be completed by Friday morning.

If you do not have an accessible computer for your child to use at home to complete their maths homework, please speak to your relevant class tutor.

P.E. inYear 6

Outdoor PE is on Monday afternoons. Please ensure that you have suitable P.E. kit, including trainers, a white t-shirt and navy blue or black bottoms. A navy blue or black tracksuit is recommended as the weather turns colder, as well as football boots if possible. Shin pads are also advisable.

Every Wednesday morning, dance and then gymnastics lessons will take place with our specialist dance teacher, Vanessa. Please ensure that you have the correct P.E. kit (white t-shirt and navy blue or black leggings or shorts).

Jewellery (including earrings) is not permitted during P.E. lessons, so please ensure that you are able to remove earrings and have somewhere safe to store them during the lesson.

Spelling Homework - Year 6

Spelling homework is given out on Mondays and is due in and tested on Fridays. Please write 10 sentences that show you understand what your spelling words mean in context. If you are feeling really ambitious you could write the definitions, too.

Don't forget to keep revisiting those key words from the National Curriculum - they are listed in a PDF link on this page.

English and Maths Homework - Year 6

English and Maths homework is set on Fridays and is due in on Wednesdays. Some of your homework will be set on Education City or, and some of it will be written in your homework books.

If you do not have access to the internet at home, please attend homework or ICT club at lunchtimes so that you can complete your homework in good time.

Your logins and passwords are in the front of your reading record.

E Safety

Remember to check these sites to learn more or if you have any concerns:

World Book Day

For news, reviews, competitions, interviews and much more, visit the official World Book Day website - it's available and changing all year round!

SATs Revision Websites

Search for any of these: Woodlands Junior School; BBC KS2 Bitesize; CGP Books online KS2;

Maths Revision Sites - Type address into browser

English Revision Sites

Copy and paste the website address into your browser:

Classes in Years 5 and 6


We are a Year 5 class.


We are a Year 6 class.


We are a Year 5 class.


We are a Year 6 class.

Staff in Years 5 and 6

Miss B Pena
Teacher - Miss B Pena

Miss K Byrne
Teaching Assistant - Miss K Byrne
Mrs A Remington Davidson
Teacher - Mrs A Remington Davidson

Mrs S Boakes
Teaching Assistant - Mrs S Boakes
Mr M Bryant
Teacher - Mr M Bryant

Miss L Pattenden
Teaching Assistant - Miss L Pattenden
Mrs N Marsh
Teacher - Mrs N Marsh

Mrs A Hardy
Teacher - Mrs A Hardy

Mrs J Castle
Teaching Assistant - Mrs J Castle
Mrs C Butcher
1:1 Teaching Assistant - Mrs C Butcher
Mrs E Douglass
1:1 Teaching Assistant - Mrs E Douglass

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