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Curriculum 2018-19

In September 2014 a new curriculum was introduced which was adopted by all pupils by 2015. Parents will be informed as to whether their children are performing in-line with, above or below the average age-related expectations at the end of Milestone 1 (Year 2) and Milestone 3 (Year 6). We track pupil progress each year using a point system (with 17 points being in-line with age-related expectations at the end of Milestone 1 and 29 points being age-related expectation at the end of Milestone 3).

BCPS Primary School End of Key Stage Performance Data 2018 Summary
EYFS Results
BCPS Good Level of Development 201866%
National Average 201872%
BCPS Average Points Score 201834%
National APS 201835%
Phonics Check (4 new Year 1 pupils arrived just prior to testing)
Year 1Year 2
BCPS Phonics Test Pass Rate 201873%83%
National Average 201883%62%
Key Stage 1 (KS1) Performance Data
KS2BCPS KS1 Outcomes 2018National Average 2018
Reading - Expected or above89%76%
Reading - Greater depth41%26%
Writing - Expected or above84%70%
Writing - Greater depth21%16%
Maths - Expected or above84%76%
Maths - Greater depth27%22%
Key Stage 2 (KS2) Performance Data (8% new pupils this year; 22% new pupils have arrived in the past 2 years)
Year 6BCPS KS2 Outcomes 2018BCPS non-mobile pupils 2018National Average 2018
Average scaled score Reading103104.5105
Average scaled score Maths102103.5104
Average progress score in Reading-1.0-0.10.00
Average progress score in Writing-0.7+0.70.00
Average progress score in Maths-0.9-0.50.00
Expected or above Reading72%79%75%
Expected or above Writing78%81%78%
Expected or above Maths74%77%75%
Higher level in Reading17%21%27%
Higher level in Writing40%16%19%
Higher level in Maths11%9%23%
Expected at or above in Reading, Writing and Maths59%67%64%
Pupil Profile 2017-2018
No. pupilsNo. new this yearNo. new in past two yearsNo. new since last baselineNew SEN in past 2 yearsFSMEALLAC (or post LAC)SEND
6554121946+2F4113(1 EHCP)
4427111136+3F0013(1 EHCP)
R522-2-6+1F328(1 EHCP)
33233521739+12F17384(3 EHCP)

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