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Friends Of BCPS

Friends of Bassingbourn Community Primary School (BCPS)

The Friends of BCPS is an inclusive voluntary group (including a core committee), made up of parents and teachers who work together to organise a variety of fundraising events for our School. These events can not only provide a great opportunity for families and the community to socialise, but they also provide the opportunity to raise much needed funds for our school.

The Friends of BCPS only exists to provide the opportunity to raise funds which are used to enhance and enrich the lives of the children that attend the school- our children. Whilst we do have many people that do support us with time donations, raffle donations, skill donations etc. (hugely appreciated- thank you!), as with many 'PTA' type organisations the Friends of BCPS struggles to attract the number of volunteer hours that it needs to run effectively . The bottom line is that if there are not enough volunteers - there can be no events/fundraising drives. Without these means to make money, there is not the money needed to provide items such as playground equipment, or the 'nice to haves' such as the leavers BBQ.

So what is the Friends of BCPS doing to try and remedy this situation- Bank an Hour! Yes, as a community school, we are calling on the school community (this can include any other relatives, neighbours, friends of friends!) to pledge an hour of their time to help at an event. This can be on the day on a stall, but can also be a donation of a certain skill - i.e. promotional expert, lighting expert, Business/Project Managers etc., or preparing items for events at home, such as wrapping presents or preparing craft activities.

If you would like to join the committee, or Bank an Hour (or more if you can!), contribute directly for one of our projects or have some suggestions of how more money can be raised for the school, please do contact us via our Facebook page 'Friends of BCPS' or via email on Alternatively, please do come and speak to one of the core committee, we really do want to hear your ideas.

Core Committee
Chair- Leigh Harper
Vice Chair - Katy Cooper
Treasurer - Isobel Rawlinson
Secretary - Lynn Quilley-Batty
Communications Officer - Carla Trunks

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Risk Assessment Jan 21

From September 2021 our pupil access number (PAN) will increase to 60 per year group. This will enable us to open two classes in each year group from EYFS to Year 6. The decision was approved by the Full Governing Body on 4.5.21